TREATMENT AREAS: The clinic has three treatment areas. Two of these are for consultations and the third specialises in digital radiology and scintigraphy.

ARS EQUINA clinic has a fully equipped operating theatre, a pre-operation room, a recovery box and a UCI box.

MEETING ROOM: The veterinary team meets regularly to discuss cases and decide on the best treatment for each patient.

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LABORATORY: The laboratory has all the necessary equipment for taking whatever samples are needed in order to ensure the appropriate procedure is followed for the illness of the horse being treated.


Efficient administration enables the smooth daily running of the clinic. This department is vital and it handles all records of horses in our care. The administrative department is also responsible for the ordering of medication and clinical equipment. In recent years, ARS EQUINA has computerised all its management, case histories and clinical data. It has a number of computers and printers, with software specially designed for the management of veterinary clinics.

EXTERNAL INSTALLATIONS: The clinic has a hectare of land dedicated exclusively to the care of the horses being treated at the clinic. It has a 20m x 30m exercise ring in which the horses can be worked and seen in movement so that any lameness can be correctly diagnosed. An additional paved area enables us to work the horses on a hard surface. There are also five 5m x 10m paddocks  for horses which are at the clinic, but can be outside. Close to the main fold yard, there are five boxes for animals undergoing treatment and a further two boxes, isolated from the rest, for any horses which have undergone scintigraphs.

All this is to be found in an excellent environment, on the edge of the Corredor and Montnegre Natural Park, and within easy reach of main roads and motorways.

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