Medical Services and Treatments

SPORTS MEDICINE: Diagnosis of lameness, medical examination in the case of sale/purchase, digital X-ray. endoscopy, scans, nuclear medicine (scintigraphy) , therapy associated with growth factors, respiratory illnesses, etc.

 insemination (with fresh and frozen semen), transfer of embryos, control of brood mares.

GENERAL MEDICINE: Eye disease, buccal-dental disease, skin problems, internal medicine, infectious diseases.

ars equina

Ars Equina has three fully equipped ambulances enabling medical help to be brought to deal with any emergency in situ.

SURGERY: Artroscopy, laparoscopy, general surgery.

NUTRICIONAL SERVICES: Preparation of specific diets, preventative diets, diets for stock farms and horses in competitive sports.

HOLISTICS THERAPIES: Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Homotoxicology, homeosyniatry, Bach Flowers, Magnetotherapy, and ortomolecular medicine.

PHYSIOTERAPY: Magnetotherapy, laser therapy, ultrasounds.

ars equina